When it came time for Wroxx to add hunting gloves to its growing inventory of high quality hunting and fishing gear, the choices were unlimited. Would they be tight fitting or loose fitting? Would they be for cold or cool environments? Which camo pattern would be chosen? What type of material would be utilized? How important was it to be able to access and use your phone while wearing your gloves?

These and similar questions drove us to diligently study what was already available in the industry to see if it was possible to make any improvements. This resulted in the creation of Wroxx Performance Hunting Gloves with the proprietary Wild Woods Camolith pattern.

Wroxx Wild Woods Camolith Performance Gloves

Made from an ultra-light polyester and Lycra blend with a brushed polyester interior, these gloves have a soft and comfortable fit. Built in wicking helps with breathability and they are form fitted for increased dexterity. Silicone palms improve your grip. Touchscreen capabilities with your index fingers and thumbs, allow you to communicate or take pictures with your smart phone.

Wroxx Wild Woods Camolith Performance gloves are comfortable and flexible for maximum dexterity.

These gloves are perfect for mild to cool hunting environments. The rugged yet flexible nature of the fabric allows for maximum dexterity and feel while still providing protection for your hands.

Wild Woods Camolith

The choice of the Wild Woods Camolith pattern was the icing on the cake.
A “lith” is a combining form meaning stone. A Camolith therefore, is camo inspired by stone. The natural 3D contours accented by cracks, fossils and colors, make this the perfect background for the perfect camo. This pattern has been digitally enhanced to make perfect camo morph into perfect styles that create the look you want both indoors and outdoors. The proprietary and licensed Wild Woods Camolith pattern provides maximum camouflaging for multiple environments. This choice in camo pattern also completed the upper body Wild Woods Camolith ensemble of hat, gaiter, performance shirt and performance gloves.

Wild Woods Camolith Ensemble (upper body)

You can be part of the growing field of hunters and fishers who work hard to make the outdoors part of their family legacies. Visit our website and contribute a story from your campfire specials to enrich those around you that share your common outdoor values.

Wroxx Hunting Gloves are a perfect fit. Wear them out.

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