Wroxx Camolith™


Using the rocks of this earth as the base pattern for camo is not a new idea. It is just a new idea for humans.

A “lith” is a combining form meaning stone. A Camolith therefore, is camo inspired by stone. The natural 3D contours accented by cracks, fossils and colors make this the perfect background for the perfect camo. This pattern has been digitally enhanced to make perfect camo morph into perfect styles that create the look you want both indoors and outdoors.

Wroxx has added this state of the art camo pattern to the latest technology in wicking, breathability, odor management, stain resistance and UPF to create gear that not only feels comfortable and looks good but also performs to the highest outdoor standards you deserve.

See our exclusive Camolith patterns below.


For more information regarding Camolith licensing, please contact info@wroxx.com

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