We believe our story is one shared by many who read this. Our parents made time between work and other demands to take us fishing and hunting. Their parents and generations before them did the same.

Through the experience of being outdoors, we became acquainted with dead batteries, flat tires, stuck trucks, snapped chains and broken ropes. We were tested with early mornings, bad weather and no game to show for it…and yet instinctively, we wanted more.

We learned rules and etiquette and how to handle dangerous things in a safe manner. We marveled at the forests and mountains, the lakes and seas and the wildlife that called those places home. We acknowledged and embraced the fact that protecting and cultivating the environment to ensure that wildlife thrived was a vital and natural part of our heritage. We sat around campfires and heard stories from the old ones and, as the seasons went by, added ours to the evening exchange.

We have been fortunate to be able to create these same memories with our children. As grueling as it is sometimes, we see that the younger generation wants it just as badly as we did many years ago.

Wroxx is about family and friends…it is about traditions and legacies…it is about being outdoors and freeing those wildlife instincts that are in each of us. These instincts can’t be ignored. They yearn. They distract. They overwhelm. They strategize. They fight. They work…and if necessary, they beg…all to get back to the outdoors that beckons. Engage your instincts…build your traditions…create your legacies. Wroxx is gear for the journey.

The Larson Brothers
Gary and Randy

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