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: A place where your stories of adventure become legacies, moments in time that are lived and relived by the Wroxx family. Stories of hunting and fishing, mistakes and misfortunes, danger and victories. . . a place where wilderness wisdom, born of experience, can be shared and the importance of nature can be promoted and secured for generations to come.


The Drive to Make a Living Fishing

                                                                    Captain Jackson It all started one day on a little aluminum john boat on the Upper Potomac river in Maryland where my dad took me fishing. It was my first ever time. Little me stood eagerly waiting...

The Looking Glass (By Carrie Mae Messerly)

The Looking Glass (By Carrie Mae Messerly)

A little girl with tangled hair and dirty cheeks peered back at me with fire in her eyes. Something in her had changed as she stood on the front seat of her dad's old beat up Ford looking through the window mount spotting scope at what would become her life long love...

The Best of Times

By: Roland Neaves “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Why was it the best of times?  Easy.  It was a clear, crisp spring day in March of 2017 and I was fishing with one of my best friends on a beautiful lake in Central Florida.  I had on my new...

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