Author: Wallace Montgomery

As a child I followed my old man through life’s ups and downs. As I listened to his wisdom and tried to follow in his foot steps, I watched this great man do some amazing things.

There have been countless times where I found myself in awe of his skills as a master builder as well as an avid outdoorsman. From work to the woods, I followed his lead and listened to his words of wisdom. His work ethic is hard just like his hands, his strength is as strong as his faith, which he often said comes from above.

Now that I’m a father to my own, I pray that I am half the man he is. Even in his later years, he is as strong as an old man can be. His steps are slower and his eyes dim, yet still, it’s hard to keep up with him. At times, I have to be his eyes or lead him to his tree stand but I will always look up to my old man.

Even though he doesn’t get around like he did, he still tells the stories like when I was a kid. Sharp and crisp just like yesterday. He tells the stories and you see it in his face, the glow in his eyes and the excitement in his voice. You can picture the scene as if you were there. I hope to have many more days to hear the stories of me and my old man.

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