What’s in a pocket? Just about anything that you want to be there! Who ever invented the pocket was a genius. Ok, maybe it was an “in the beginning thing” since Kangaroos pretty much got the patent on pockets!

In the hunting and fishing industries, pockets are everywhere. You have deep pockets and shallow pockets, front pockets, side pockets and back pockets. There are pockets for phones and keys and knifes and ammunition. You have pockets for water bottles and food. You have pockets that zip or button or use Velcro. Where would we be without pockets?

Wroxx had this in mind when we designed our performance hunting and fishing shirts. We knew that a functional pocket would have to be part of the design but we wanted something more. We wanted it hidden so as not to take away from the unique and proprietary Camolith pattern. So we made a secret pocket, fit for the most cunning hunter and fisher among us.

Hidden pockets in camolith shirt

The problem is that we almost made it too secret. Some don’t realize it is there because it is so hidden. But once you find it, you will never forget it. It is a perfect place for your phone or personal items you do not want to lose. You will have the peace of mind knowing that those items are close by…somewhere close by…just give me a second!

What’s in a pocket you ask? Nothing if you can’t find it, but just about anything if you can.

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