Author: Wallace Montgomery

A picture of an old house

This old house is one of my favorite landmarks. As I sat in this house with my gun in hand, I began to imagine the family that lived in this old house. Sitting here on this cold and rainy day, I listen to the soft drops of rain hitting the old tin roof. The thin walls try their best to keep out the cold and rain. The image of children playing in the yard as their mother sweeps off the porch, brings a warm feeling over me. My eyes look through the window frame and check the opening where a front door would have been.

I hear the thump of a pear hit the ground as a reminder of why I’m here in this old house. I’m hunting and deer like to eat pears.

a picture of a deer
Photo by Laura College 

My eyes scan the openings for movement before my mind paints the picture of a strong farm hand planting the pear tree that has drawn me here. I thank God for his hard work. He has been a blessing to me.

Author Wallace Montgomery

I have had some successes and a lot of great memories because of this old house and the family that called it home. So may every small circle have a warm fire, have good friends, good food, and a lifetime of memories.

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