Everyone has a task during dinner at the hunting camp and mine is to provide the best tasting camp potatoes ever. Though they are cut to look like chips, the texture and taste of the finished product can vary between an actual potato chip and a french fry depending on how thin you slice them and how long you cook them. The potato recipe is simple.

Camp Potato Recipe:

Step One: Bring your favorite cooking oil to boil in a large pot. Your choice in the cooking oil is about the only place in the prep where you can be just a little concerned about your health because it arguably goes downhill from here.

Step Two: Slice your potato (I use large Idaho potatoes but any will do) into thin chips. The thinner they are, the easier it is to make them crispy.

Potato Recipe

Step Three: Carefully place the chips into the boiling oil being careful not to splash the oil out of the pot. The quantity that you place in the pot depends on the size of the pot and the amount of oil that you are using. Each chip should be able to be completely immersed in the oil.

Step Four: Continually check and stir or flip the chips once you recognize them start to brown.

Step Five: Remove the chips once they have browned to your desired level and place them on a platter with paper towels underneath to absorb the extra oil.

Potato Recipe

Step Six: While the potatoes are still damp with the oil, add your favorite spicing and flavoring. I use a mixture of salt, black pepper, garlic, ginger, onion and sesame seeds

Step Seven: Set up a perimeter electric fence with spikes on the top to try and keep everyone out of your spuds until dinner. It is impossible to do so I recommend, allowing a few taste tests before dinner to calm the hungry souls.

Wroxx is about traditions and legacies. Camp potatoes using this potato recipe is a family tradition at our camp kitchen that fits that bill perfectly. I hope that it may be part of yours too!

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