By: Wallace Montgomery

As a young boy my father taught me about fishing, deer hunting, bird hunting and so much more. When he would pull up in the drive after work, our bird dogs and I would run to meet him. He would put up his tools and then we would get in the truck and head to Jack’s Lake where I would watch with excitement as he worked with the dogs.

He would teach them commands and I would watch as the dogs would work back and forth and then crawl to a pointing position till he gave the command to flush out the birds. As shots rang out the excitement of boy, man and dogs increased. It was truly an amazing sight to watch Big Red, our English Setter, at work.

By the time I was able to hunt on my own, I would come home from school and the dogs and I would walk to Jack’s Lake hunting birds. My dad is now 79 years old and we still hunt and fish together. I still learn tricks and trades of the outdoors that we share with kids and grand-kids. It is important to know where you come from as well as to pass your life experiences to others. My dad is a true legend and if you are ever in Clermont, Florida down by Lake Minneola at the bike trail bridge or the pier, just ask and someone can tell you who he is.

Wallace Montgomery

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