A picture of the author in his Wroxx camo gear while hunting with my friend

Wroxx is all about being in the outdoors with family and friends and I truly enjoyed hunting with my friend Bob. Though this was our first time out together, it was clear that he was far from a novice and brought a lot of hunting knowledge to the table. We were on a deer hunt in Central Florida on our 12,000 acre lease. We parked the truck and gathered our gear to walk to our tree stand. It was his first time out to my hunting camp and as his host, I wanted everything to go right and for him to harvest a deer.

The last thing to do was spray scent block all over us to help neutralize our scent. I grabbed the Scent Killer spray bottle I brought with us from camp and sprayed him up and down and then asked him to turn around and repeated the process. I then gave him the bottle and he did the same for me. We used a generous application, including on our faces.

When he handed the spray bottle back to me, I was shocked to see that it was actually a bottle of 409 cleaner! We were 99.9% germ free but 100% smelly! The shock quickly turned into uncontrollable laughter. Somehow, I just grabbed the wrong bottle and never bothered to check it. I still argue that the two bottles look sort of alike, though others may say they are not even close.

Compares a bottle of 409 with a bottle of Scent Killer used while hunting with my friend

We headed to our stand germ free but certainly not scent free. We had an excellent time and he was able to harvest a deer but the memory that will stand out most to both of us was the 409 bath we both took prior to our hunt. I may not be the best guide but laughter is healthy and often is what bonds friends forever. Though I hope to not repeat this mistake, it still makes me smile to think about it. I enjoyed hunting with my friend Bob and neither of us will ever forget our germ free trip.

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