Is it a Gator hole or mud hole? We recently were out at our hunting camp moving a tree stand. We passed by this mud hole on the way out to the stand and didn’t notice anything amiss.

Gator Hole

Gator Hole

At first glance, would you think of this as a gator hole or just a run of the mill mud hole? Would you walk through it if you needed to, without giving it a second thought?

Better give it another thought!

As we approached it again on our return to camp, we saw a big splash, birds take to the air and realized there was a 6-8 foot gator in the middle of it. We stopped at the hole while his head was still above the water but soon he quietly submerged. When I say submerged, I mean he completely disappeared! There can’t be a foot of water in this hole and he is right in the middle under the lily pads. He is invisible.

Gator Hole with Hidden Gator

Gator Hole with Hidden Gator

We waited for him to come up but since we know he can stay under for a long time, we finally left. I am pretty casual about mud holes and shallow water when I am about to cross them. I look out for snakes and don’t want to lose my boot in the mud…but I have to admit, I wouldn’t have been expecting to step on an 8 foot gator.

Before we drove off, we noticed all of drag marks where he pulled himself in and out of this gator hole.

Gator hole showing slide marks

Gator Hole Showing Slide Marks

On a normal day, I would not have been looking for those marks. It now appears obvious to anyone paying attention, that this mud hole is a hangout for Mr. Toothy and he probably does not want to be disturbed.

I recently went on a gator hunt with all of the necessary tools and strategy to harvest a gator. I was the hunter and he was my prey. It makes you take a step back and ponder how in these new circumstances, I would have been the prey unaware that I had fallen into the gator’s trap before it was too late.

Gary harvests 11 foot gator

Gary with 11 Foot Gator

Respecting the power of nature and its ability to turn the tables on us, helps us prepare properly before taking off into the wild. The weather, broken down equipment, communication failure, charging animals, falls and injuries…are just some of the challenges that mother nature can throw at us if we relax and get lazy at just the wrong moment. We always need to be prepared. As we respect the wild for its inherent dangers, we will be able to also respect and enjoy the wild for its inherent beauty and magnificence.

These experiences are part of the journey when you spend time outdoors. This journey is the essence of Wroxx. We provide gear for that journey. Bring us along but be on the look out for the difference between a mud hole and a gator hole!


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