The day arrived with great anticipation. We would get to meet our new industry partners from, Jake Scott and Veronica Blaze for the first time. They run a very successful fishing charter operation out of Crystal River, Florida and had recently wrapped their boat in a Wroxx Wild Water Camolith. We hoped to not only meet them but also, to begin to build a friendship.

We invited them to come over to hunt for hogs on our 12,000 acre lease just east of Orlando. They met us at the Wroxx warehouse in St. Cloud, Florida and we all drove together to the camp. The next three hours were spent driving through the mud and palmettos looking for hogs and getting to know each other better. It was an awesome time with never a dull moment. It was what hunting and fishing is supposed to be like. We became better friends.


Dressed in our Wroxx Wild Woods hunting shirts and hats, we looked good and felt good! We switched vehicles from the side by side to the swamp buggy about halfway through to change up the experience.


The wildlife was plentiful and the scenery incredible. We saw hogs, gators and deer. The highlight of the day was when Jake had the opportunity to shoot a hog. As the outing’s host, we provided a rifle and ammunition. We waited with great anticipation as he settled on a nice fence post and drew a bead on the biggest hog. All was extremely quiet as we waited for the loud bang. Jake slowly pulled the trigger…Click was all we heard…a misfire. He loaded another shell in and tried it again. Click…repeat…click…repeat…at least four if not five times. The ammunition was bad.


We were in total disbelief and just a little embarrassed. A few minutes later, at Veronica’s request, we loaded the gun again to give her a chance. Boom…the gun exploded to life. The hogs were long gone but our memory making was just getting started. I am sure we will tell this story every time we get together in the future. The vast variations of experiences while hunting and fishing are why sitting around a campfire with family and friends exchanging stories is so attractive to those who love the outdoors.

On the way back from the warehouse, we talked business and continued to build our relationship. We also laughed and laughed at the click click click of bad ammunition with Jake and the loud bang of Veronica’s shot. This laughable moment was surrounded by great conversation in incredible surroundings. Our morning spent together was worth every bit of effort required by all of us to make it happen.

This is the nature of sharing a part of our outdoor journeys with each other. This is how bad ammo still turns into a positive experience. This is how a click helped form friendships.

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