By: Weston Mair (Age 9)

Out on a lake

Warm summer day

Floating along

Not a word to say

I turned to the lake,

Said where’s all the fish

I’m just not sure

Maybe I’ll wish.

I closed my eyes

Said pretty please

I would have done anything

So I got on my knees

While clenching my pole

And begging the sky

I sat up and thought,

Well isn’t this fine

The sun on my face

The wind in my hair

What was I doing

Why did I care

From out of nowhere

My line gave a tug

I though, this is it

This is the one

I pulled on the poll

I brought in the line

It started to come up

And then it took a dive

I reeled and I reeled

I tried with all my might

It’s a big one I yelled

It’s almost in sight

Then up through the water

I gave the reel a flick

And then I saw it

A giant, huge, over sized, monstrosity……..a stick.

I pulled it aboard

And watched it awhile

It laid there still

So I began to smile

It started that small

And then began to grow

Before I knew it

I was laughing with the flow

I started to think about my deep wish

I wanted to catch something

I should have asked for a fish.

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