My personal Instagram account shares the adventures of living on Lake Ola in Tangerine, Florida. Recently, I received a message from a follower that read:  ”Love your page. Would love to check out Lake Ola with you sometime.”

I looked up who sent the message and learned that it was Daniel Fay (@dfaymous_fisherman) and that he was a semi pro fisherman, a volunteer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), a family man and had a significant support base. It occurred to me that maybe he would be a good contact for the Wroxx Performance shirts which we just launched a few weeks earlier, so I responded to his message. A few days later we met.

He happened to be working close by, so I invited him to come take a look at the lake as he had requested. He was there in about a half hour. We shook hands and walked down to the lake standing on the hurricane scarred dock looking out at the beautiful scenery.

We discussed how clean the lake was and I shared a few other facts about the lake. I did not know Dan yet, but I knew what he was thinking because it didn’t take much small talk before he said…. “well, my rod is in the car.” I was actually anxious to see a real professional fish this lake so I quickly responded that I would get the key to the boat and we could go give it a try right then and there.

We rounded up his fishing gear and then picked up some of my gear to supplement what he had with him. I still had not mentioned the Wroxx Performance Fishing shirts as I wanted to get to know him a little better and keep the conversation focused on the lake and fishing.

We loaded up my Bennington fishing pontoon boat and began to make our way around the edge of the lake. I am fascinated by any expert in his field and Dan certainly didn’t disappoint me. He studied the grass and water and the fishing gear we had and started making choices. The type of line and rod and lure combinations were important to him. He was easy to talk with and listen to as he went over different strategies for catching bass.

We were both supposed to be at work which only made our little 90-minute outing even more fun. I learned about techniques and tricks of the trade. We also learned about each other’s families and interests. He introduced me to a new automated lure ( on the market that he was trying for the first time. It was a swimming lure that swam around in the water just like the shiners I normally use. I was amazed and actually caught two bass on it including the last one which was 5 pounds plus.


Something resembling guilt let us know we both should get back to work so we wrapped things up and came up to the house where Dan met my wife and the good conversation continued. I also introduced him to Wroxx…from the performance fishing shirts, hats, and gaiters to the films that best explain the mission of Wroxx.

I am sure that Dan will have an opportunity to sport some Wroxx gear out there in the fishing tournament world this year. More importantly, fishing accomplished one of the things that it does best…it brought two people from different backgrounds and experiences together for a few minutes to create a friendship…a common bond.

I do not know when our paths will cross again, but they will thanks to this great sport and pastime. That is what embodies the spirit of Wroxx.

Now…back to work.

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